Services and Method.

To respond in the best possible way to the specific needs of our clients, Profili offers completely customizable solutions.


Our strategy is to activate a Consulting service that allows us to guide companies in Recruiting decisions.

Search and Selection of qualified personnel

We design recruitment strategies aimed at identifying and attracting the best professionals on the market through the most innovative research tools. A consolidated methodology in the phases of analysis, research and evaluation allows us to promptly identify both professionals with a specific function or sector background and candidates “out of the box”, possessing transversal skills that constitute an important added value.

Executive Search

We support large companies and private equity funds with top and middle manager headhunting activities that are difficult to find through traditional research tools. Our strengths are the experience gained in the direct search for middle managers and managers, the consolidated network of professional relationships, confidentiality and negotiation skills.

Market mapping

We offer in-depth survey reports to analyze the organizational structure or specific functions and departments of target companies. The mapping of the organization chart, the skills and the analysis of the remuneration policies allow us to understand the decision-making processes implemented by the competition and to support the companies in defining the best business model.

Development of Sales Networks

We support the Sales Department in a planned and continuous Recruiting activity, aimed at implementing the Sales Force. The objectives of reducing turn-over, greater market penetration and coverage of all territorial areas are reached with a serious preventive analysis and with the use of combined and multi-channel research tools and activities.

Employer branding

Our experience in recruiting activities has allowed us to identify the best method to attract the right candidates for your company. We are able to attract the best talents through the use of employment advertising campaigns, the development of an ad hoc communication system on the most influential social and professional networks and a constant attention to competitors’ companies.


Every experience of our customers is unique and this is why our solutions are based on personalization and a proven methodology.

  • Position analysis
  • EVP optimization (Employer Value Proposition)
  • Job Description
  • Pay analysis and benchmark
  • Analysis of the needs and the organizational context
  • Sponsorships to the target audience
  • Social media communication
  • Market mapping
  • Head Hunting
  • Professional and industry network
  • Search in databases
  • Ad campaign
  • Psychometric tests
  • Check references
  • Selection interview
  • Telephone interview
  • Analysis of applications
  • Results monitoring
  • Post insertion monitoring
  • Negotiation support
  • Replacement guarantee
  • Repetition guarantee
  • Detailed reporting
  • Basic reporting
  • Submission of applications